Reach millions with Tik Tok Ads

We advise, manage and execute on TikTok advertising campaigns.


Reach Millions

Tik Tok is ranked as the most downloaded app on the App Store and play store in 10+ countries. With a range of +1Billion users, it’s now a great platform to deliver your ads.

Performances & Low CPA

As TikTok is a new advertising channel, the inventory is significantly cheaper than your traditional acquisition channels.


Tailored Creatives

Our design team can craft video creatives that are aligned with your brand and message to ensure best performances.

Technical Support

If you’re using a Mobile Measurement Partner like Adjust, Appsflyer or Branch, we’ll help with the setup and ensure data flows.

How does it look?

Tik Tok video ads are 9-15 second vertical videos that show up on the “For You” page.

You can experiment up to 10 videos in the same time and let the algorithm pick the best performing videos.

With our design team, we can help craft high-performance creatives that resonate with your audiences.

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