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We advise, manage and execute on user acquisition campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Apple Search Ads and TikTok.

Skyrocket your monetization

We help you define the best opportunities for your user acquisition efforts:

– Which country first?
– What should be my budget?
– Which channel?
– Which conversion event?

We’ll jointly identify the biggest opportunities, and execute on them through data-driven campaigns. Our goal is to optimize campaigns for app engagement (Activation / Retention / Monetization)

Our services

Growth audit

We’ll review your current tech stack & growth strategy. Providing an action plan to improve your setup (Analytics, Attribution, Channels, etc.)

Campaigns management

We’ll copilot your acquisition campaigns to run experiments in segmentation, demographic, bids, budget, creatives and more.

Performance Reporting

We’ll craft tailored dashboards to report on your key channels.
We’ll also help you identify how each channel is performing, compared to others and benchmarks.

Design consulting

We’ll advise you on which creatives assets to use for your campaigns, how to iterate and optimize for performance.

Tik Tok Ads

Tik Tok is ranked as the most downloaded app on the App Store and play store in 10+ countries.
With a range of +1Billion users, it’s now a great platform to deliver your ads.

Targeted Audience
A mostly young audience with different demographic traits you can take benefit of.

Campaign Strategy
Interactive campaigns with direct CTA, Influencers, feed videos. 

Facebook / Instagram Ads

There is no need to introduce Facebook and its huge reach. Additionnaly, 700 million users follow content from their friends, favorite brands and celebrities on instagram.

Targeted Audience
Precise targeting by using demographic segmentation as well as interests-based audiences.

There isn’t an audience you can’t reach with Facebook Ads Manager.


Campaign Strategy
Story formats, feed with direct CTA and brand awareness campaigns.

Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads offers the strongest intent-based campaigns. As it displays ads in the search result feed (based on search terms) it will deliver high-quality users.

Targeted Audience
Intents-based meaning you’ll target your competitors users’ and people searching for a specific app or feature.

Campaign Strategy
Search campaigns only.

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