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We help apps & games improve their monetization strategy through data-driven experiments

Skyrocket your monetization

We are a growth agency specialized in monetization and engagement strategies for mobile apps & games.

We help you define your growth strategy and leverage marketing tools to tackle all lifecycle stages: activation, retention, monetization and churn.

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3 different services to match your growth challenges

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Tech Stack

You have an implementation challenge or limited knowledge on a specific set of tools.

We’ll assess the effectiveness of your current tech stack and help leverage it to improve your user/player engagement & monetization metrics.

We advise on tech stack and deliver knowledge sharing through tailored workshops for any sized team. 

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Guide your growth

User Acquisition 

We advise, manage and execute user acquisition campaigns through Facebook & Instagram Ads, Apple Search Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads.

We help you define the best opportunities for your user acquisition efforts:

– Which country first?
– What should be my budget?
– Which channel?
– Which conversion event?

💖Extra life

Copilot your growth

Product Experiments & CRM 

We’ll help define your growth strategy, build your shop, pick up tools for your tech stack, and create initial traction through user acquisition and a/b testing.

Crafting hypothesis, running & reporting on experiments using CRM tools to tackle all lifecycle stages (Activation, Retention & Monetization).

bottle Tools we work with

We’re experts in more than 20+ tools including analytics, CRM/engagement platforms, marketing automation, attribution.

Great apps we worked with sword

bling app
adventure communist
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tweak and eat
holy owly
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yes or no logo

And way more to come soon…

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